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Technical Rules for the 2021 Miami Nitro Grand Prix will be the IFMAR rules (version August 2021) with some additional info as follows :

Electric Track (Version 2018:07:28)

IFMAR 1/10 IC Track (version August 2021)

IFMAR 1/8 GT  (version August 2021)

IFMAR 1/8 IC Track (version August 2021)

Additional Info :

1/10 Electrics:

Controlled Tires will be HOTRACE 36 (maximum number TBD)

1/8 GT/e:

1/8 GT Nitro Qualifiers will be 7 minutes without refueling and Race first refueling will be at 7 minutes.  

1/8 GT Nitro Controlled Tires will be PMT Q5 Fronts and Q3 Rears (maximum of 5 sets). 

For both GT & GTe classes the tires are marked and numbered. Drivers must purchase and register their tires on Friday before the seeding round. With this method drivers will be able to balance, mount the tires and even use tire warmers if needed helping speed up the process between races.  

1/8 GT Electric Controlled Tires will be PMT Q5 Fronts and Q3 Rears (maximum number TBD).

1/8 GT Electric No kick-up and/or carbon fiber chassis will be permitted.

1/8 Scale:

For all 1/8 scale classes tires choice is open.


For all nitro classes fuel will be open and at least two brands will be available at the track.


GRACE TIME REQUEST: For all Mains drivers can request either a ONE Minute Grace ( without any penalty ) or a TEN Minute Grace (Loosing their starting position on the grid to start Last)

RACE DIRECTION: We will have a Race Director that will have absolute power of decision regarding driver's behavior on and off track and the relative penalties.

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