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HRCR Track Rules for 2021 Season:


The track is available only for members. If you want to become a member please contact us. Any person that uses the track without authorization will be banned from the track indefinitely



All members will need to file a liability waiver document that the Speedway requires. This will soon be available for 2021. We also require a valid ROAR Membership.

Openning Hours:

The track is open everyday from 8:00 am until sundown except for Speedway special event dates that will be

posted as soon as possible.


We recommend that members bring their own Tent, table, chairs, generator, etc. We also have our tables and chairs that can be used by our members and they should be stored at the end of the day.



Every member is responsible for his own trash. You can use our trash bins or bags but they need to be disposed in the trash dumpster at the end of the day. Please DO NOT dispose of metal fuel cans inside the dumpster just place them aside of it. No trash should be left anywhere at the end of the day.



Any damage to the track or any track equipment will be charged if resulted from negligence.




Guests are welcome occasionally only accompanied by a member. Guests should be announced in advance.


First Time Drivers:


If you want to come for the first time we offer free test days so please contact us and we’ll make arrangements.


Out of town Drivers:

If you’re from out of Town, happen to be in our area and want to use the track you can contact us and we’ll work out a special pass for the day you want to use the track. This is only for occasionally in town drivers only.



During race dates no membership is required if registered for the race.




Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in cancellation of membership rights and/or ban from it

without any refund.

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